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Your "Check Engine" light isn't your vehicle's way of trying to annoy you. It's trying to say you have a small problem that could turn into a big, bad problem if you don't check it out now!" If you think about it, having your "Check Engine" light come on is an opportunity to be proactive about your vehicle's care, and save money in the long run. We could all use a little prodding to do that!


Let Aarons Advanced Automotive run a diagnostic on your vehicle. Once we recognize the symptom, we'll be well on our way to finding the culprit.

Step away from the electrical tape

 -   Fuel to air mixture

 -   Alternator or battery problems

 -   Potential clutch problems

 -   Cooling system or radiator problems

 -   Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) issues

 -   Emission system problems

 -   Heating or air conditioning malfunctions

 -   Overall engine efficiency  

 -   Whatever's making the light go on, we'll find it!

Check Engine diagnostics:


Ugh! That darned "Check Engine" light is on again! Contrary to popular belief, ignoring it is anything but a good idea. It's trying to tell you something, so listen already.

A man checking the engine A man fixing an engine