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We spend thousands of dollars on our cars, especially if we buy them new. Of course you want to keep them running smoothly, even when their odometers hit 100,000 even 200,000 miles. The best way to ensure that happens? Get preventative maintenance done on schedule, and do it faithfully! Aarons Advanced Automotive can help.


We'll set up a general maintenance program that's appropriate for your vehicle and schedule reminders for you, so you'll never forget an oil change or factory-ordered inspection.

Consider it an investment, not an inconvenience

 -   Lube, oil and filter changes

 -   Fluids filled (wiper, transmission, coolant, etc.)

 -   Tires checked, balanced, rotated

 -   Tune-ups

 -   Brake inspections

 -   Annual inspections

 -   Computer engine diagnostics

 -   Warranty work

 -   Radiator/transmission flushes  

General automotive maintenance:



Doctors tell us to get annual check-ups and do other periodic tests to stay healthy. Cars need preventative care, too. Aarons Advanced Automotive says, "the doctor is in!"